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Update 6/1/2019: Our website is undergoing a major revamping, so until the new website is launched this current website will be active. The new URL will be and the new email address will be .  Please make a note of it, and stay tuned for the official launch of the new site!

Our mission: To provide quality instruction in Personal Fitness,  the Chinese arts of Wushu and Tai Chi, the Self Defense methods of Kajukenbo, and the weapon arts of China, Japan, and the Philippines.  

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At this time, no in-studio classes are being held.  Please join our Zoom video classes.  

Please register HERE as a new student. You will be forwarded to our new website's registration page.

Zoom class link will be emailed to you after registration.

Skype Video Lessons now available! Are you a previous student that has re-located and want to keep up your practice? Are you a current student going on vacation or away on business but want a supervised instructional lesson during your time away? Did your work schedule change and you can't attend regular classes? Then Skype lessons are for you! Sifu Restita offers Skype lessons based mutual availability. All you need is a Skype enabled computer, tablet or smartphone, web cam, a Skype account, wifi access, and some space to work out, and you can be taught in private lesson format from across the country or across the world! Sifu offers the subjects of: Chen Tai Chi, Kung Fu or Wushu forms, and weaponry. Bullwhip lessons by request. See our schedule of classes for rates!

Listen to "Dynamic Dojo TalkRadio"! Sifu Restita and her Co-Host, Sifu Kathy Long, feature fun and informative discussions regarding martial arts, philosophy, sports, hobbies, etc. All live video broadcasts air on Facebook Live, on Sifu Restita's profile page at  All shows are archived for watching at anytime! Airs every Sunday at 6:00 pm Pacific Time (except every 3rd Sunday, which airs at 11:00 am for the "Sunday Brunch Show"). 

> Bullwhip study group! This new study group is rapidly growing! Sport whip cracking is a fun activity that integrates into martial arts practice very well, and its fun to learn whip tricks!  More info at   

>  Chen Style Tai Chi class is enrolling!:  Our class for Chen style Tai Chi is currently taking registrations. This class blends Chen style's flowing movements, dynamic "fajing" (energy release) movements, Silk Reeling Qigong, centering exercises, and martial applications to provide a refreshing and strengthening Tai Chi workout.  

Email Sifu Restita at for more information or to register and make appointment for your first class! 


>  Tiny Tigers class is enrolling!:  Our class for 3-5 year old children, has openings! This class features 30 minutes of martial arts related activities, games and exercises. Classes are held on Saturday mornings from 10 am to 10:30 am. If you know of a budding "Tiny Tiger" that might like this class, mention this class to them and they can email our Tiny Tigers Teacher at for more information!

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